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About Us

Roma Ankolekar, Founder 

Motivated by her family's unfortunate encounter with dementia, specifically her grandmother's battle with Alzheimer's, she embarked on the creation of this website. Unfortunately, her grandmother's condition could have been better managed if there had been sufficient knowledge and support regarding that particular type of dementia. This personal journey inspired her to raise awareness about dementia, a condition that ranks as the sixth leading cause of death in the United States.


Trung Le, Director 

Mr. Le, a retired professor at De Anza College and a college counselor, actively engages in guiding numerous students in volunteer and community-based projects as a means of giving back to the community. This website serves as a platform aligned with his purpose. Additionally, he has successfully guided several GoFundMe fundraising campaigns.


Here, you can access comprehensive information about dementia, including its various types, symptoms, prevention strategies, treatments, guidance for caretakers, and the latest research. Our aspiration is for you to discover the necessary resources to support a loved one who may be exhibiting signs of dementia or has already been diagnosed.

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