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NonProfit Organizations

*There are many nonprofit organizations that help people dealing with dementia by providing information for caregivers and support groups. Some of them are listed below.

" Their mission is to help caregivers by providing caregiver tips and addressing the issue of In-Home vs. Long Term Care Placement among the many topics covered."...Read more >

-Karen Truman, Dementia Caregiver Resources

Address: 2290 N 1st St #101, San Jose, CA 95131

Phone:  (408) 372-9900

" Their mission is to support those who have been affected by lewybody's  along with their caregivers by outreach and research." ...Read more >

-Lewy Body Dementia Association

" Their mission is to make life better for those living with Parkinson's by making advancements in research to find a cure."... Read more >

-Parkinson's Foundation

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